Local growth

James' absolute priority is the improvement of the A39/A361 at Ashcott, Walton and Glastonbury.

Rural Fair Share

Funding for local government and public services in rural areas has been squeezed hard. Where those reductions have been at the same pace as in cities, the funding challenge is difficult but at least it is known that the deal is fair.

Mental Health

For too long mental health issues have been side lined in society and it is important that this is changed. 

School Funding

School funding arrangements need to be fixed to ensure that young people in Somerset get a fair deal.The Association of School and College Leaders suggests the poorest-funded schools will receive £1.9m less than the best-funded in the next year. Its analysis says the underlying problem continues to be that funding is still impacted by historical factors going back to the 1980s when government grants were allocated to local authorities according to the amount they had traditionally spent on education.

Access to Banks

In November 2016, the news broke that all three of the remaining banks on Glastonbury High Street were intending to close their branches, leaving the town facing the prospect of having no banking facilities at all.Since then Glastonbury MP James Heappey has been working with Councillors and local residents to try and persuade at least one of Glastonbury's banks to remain on the High Street.

Mendip Expressway

A bypass is needed at Ashcott and Walton to expedite traffic on A39 from M5/J23 into Glastonbury, Street, Shepton and Wells.

Better Broadband

For most businesses - and for many residential users too - broadband speeds and poor mobile signals are a constant frustration.  Whilst competitors elsewhere in the country can upload documents, live stream or operate through large online databases, we spend hours each week staring at a screen telling us to wait or that service has dipped out altogether.  In a global economy where every second counts, Somerset is being held back.

Clean Growth

We have an almost unique mix of opportunities to generate energy here in Somerset and given the impact that these schemes could have on our landscape, our economy and our environment; I think its essential that we get the balance right.  In some cases there are no easy answers but below, I've set out my position on each of the main energy issues that face us here.  To the right is an opportunity to have your say so please do let me know what you think.Nuclear Energy - Hinkley Point