Campaigning On Climate Change

James is passionate about decarbonisation and the need to arrest climate change and has made it one of his staple issues since first representing the Wells constituency four years ago. It is now getting the media coverage and profile it deserves - but this is not enough. The impact of climate change is profound and rising sea levels, extreme weather, the impact on food production and the irreversible damage it is doing to our planet is something we all need to take responsibility for - and prioritise. 

James wants the Government to lead the way with the mission to decarbonise, with some positive measures set to be introduced to improve future heating systems. He has supported the plans to reduce our use of plastic and will continue to push local councils to make it easier to recycle all plastic and stop it finding its way into our landfill and oceans. 

We can all do our bit to help the environment and James is keen to see Somerset leading the way in a clean technology revolution. This comes after it has been announced fracking will be banned. 

The license areas in northern Sedgemoor, whilst active, have never proceeded to any exploratory drilling and no planning permissions have been granted. Nonetheless, James knew  the existence of these licenses were a cause for concern for many people in the community.

Having represented these views in a series of debates in Parliament - as well as with relevant ministers and Prime Ministers - James is pleased to see the ban now confirmed. 



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Glastonbury MP Joins Residents Bank Protest

Glastonbury MP James Heappey joined residents and campaigners in a final protest to mark the closing of the Lloyds Bank branch leaving the town without a bank.

Glastonbury MP Joins Residents For Flash Mob

Glastonbury MP James Heappey joined local residents as part of flash mob to try and persuade at least one of Glastonbury's banks to remain on the High Street.