Coronavirus support in Somerset

In this turbulent time, it is important the community helps those who are most vulnerable and there has been some amazing work here in Somerset. If you are in need of help, or want to give back to the community, these links should be useful. 

James Heappey weekly column

It goes without saying this is an unbelievably tough time for everyone as we continue to battle against Covid-19.

The Government is doing all it can to get us through this and while it won’t be perfect, the priority has – and always will be - to save lives.

James Heappey Weekly Column

We are in unprecedented times in this country right now and I know there is a huge amount of fear over the Coronavirus pandemic.

James Heappey MP - Statement on local MIUs

I am clear the community does not wish for any changes to the provision of Minor Injury Units – not just in Burnham-on-Sea but at Glastonbury and Shepton.

James Heappey Weekly Column

We are very lucky in this constituency to have a number of colleges giving students the opportunity to pursue apprenticeships alongside a range of courses.