School Funding

The funding formula delivered budget increases to almost all the schools in the Wells constituency. James welcomes this, but he understands that there are funding pressures caused by falling student numbers and/or likely cost increases which means that school funding is still not at the level he expects.

James understands that difficult decisions have to be made as a result of budget pressures. Whilst he is confident that schools will not see funding impacted to quite the degree suggested by the National Union of Teachers on their school cuts website, he has no doubt that schools are under real pressure.

James will continue to work with all of the schools in Somerset to ensure that local children get the funding they need so that our schools can be resourced to deliver the world leading education that is expected. The New School Funding Formula is a step in the right direction, but there is still a lot of work left to be done both in achieving the full transition to a fair funding formula and in making sure that schools are adequately funded in the meantime. James has campaigned on this matter relentlessly. He is pleased with the successes so far, and will continue to meet with Ministers to make the case for better funding in local schools.


Rural MPs Secure Debate On Fairer School Funding

Wells MP James Heappey was one of 111 Conservative MPs from across England to write to the Prime Minister last week calling for fairer funding for schools in rural areas. This week the subject will be debated in Parliament with Mr Heappey hoping to be given an opportunity to speak.