Advice Surgeries

James is regularly available to meet with constituents to offer advice, answer questions or to take up an issue on your behalf. There are lots of ways to see James to make sure that you can see him at a time and place that is convenient to you.


If you would like to see James in private at a pre-arranged time please get in touch with the office on 01749 343255.  They’ll be able to discuss with you James’s programme of surgeries over the coming weeks and arrange for you to see him at the one that is most convenient to you.  Surgeries tend to be on Friday morning, Friday evening or Saturday morning.

Skype Surgeries

If you’d like to speak to James from the comfort of your own home, James holds Skype Surgeries. Appointments are made by calling the office on 01749 343255.

Home Visits and Telephone Calls

If you’re unable to travel and/or do not want to speak over Skype, James can arrange to call you on the telephone or even come to see you at home. To book an appointment, please call 01749 343255.