Tourism: “Let's End Medieval Infrastructure"

James Heappey, the prospective Conservative MP for the Wells constituency, says tourism in Somerset will be disadvantaged unless it can keep pace with fast broadband and other vital infrastructure. He says there are still too many holiday destinations that are hindered by lack of investment in the internet and roads which – if not tackled – could soon deter tourists and other visitors.

 James Heappey said:

 "No matter how much history our area has to show, visitors don't want to endure medieval infrastructure as part of the experience. They want Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbey to be forever unchanged but they don't want to be forever waiting for films to load on their tablet devices when back at their caravan or hotel that evening.

 “In the run up to English Tourism Week (March 14-22), I've been hosting visits from Ministers, meeting with local industry leaders and abseiling down Cheddar Gorge. Somerset has so much to offer; amazing food and drink, tourist attractions, stunning landscape and our beautiful coastline too.

“The industry here is already growing and there are some really fantastic businesses, like the Old Oaks Caravan Park, that are carving a niche for themselves in their market. I visited there to see all the great things they're doing to attract more visitors, but also to hear about the things that are holding them back like poor roads and the broadband connection. I'm committed to getting genuine superfast broadband rolled out across our area as quickly as possible with absolutely no community left behind."