James Heappey Weekly Column

The latest Government announcement is of course disappointing after such a period of returning to some sort of normality.  

James Heappey Weekly Column

We are at a point now in this fight against coronavirus where we can start to return to some sort of normality.

James Heappey MP - Local Council consultation

When the sun is shining in the middle of August, the re-organisation of local government is not exactly at the top of most people’s list of priorities. Indeed, even on dank November days, I’m not sure people give it much thought.

James Heappey MP weekly column

This week there has been a change to the list of ‘air bridges’ to countries which can be travelled to without needing to quarantine on return.

James Heappey weekly column

With a date now set for gyms, pools and sports facilities to reopen, hairdressers doing a fantastic job at sorting out our lockdown hair and beauty salons able to get back to what they do best, life is starting to return to some form of normality.