James Heappey Weekly Column

The latest Government announcement is of course disappointing after such a period of returning to some sort of normality.  

However, the reopening of the economy and the introduction of more social interaction has always been conditional and managed alongside the risk of a second wave.  

Social gatherings will now be restricted to six people and from Monday it will be illegal for any groups over that number to meet.

As with anything of this nature, there are exemptions including schools, workplaces or Covid-secure weddings, funerals and organised team sports.  

It is still so important our economy can continue to get back on its feet to avoid more job losses and the more adverse affects of recession. The Government is also clear that schools should continue to function to give our children the very best start in life. 

These adjustments in measures will continue to be a part of our lives until there is a vaccine and unfortunately that is the reality of this situation.  

Social distancing must remain a big part of our day-to-day life to ensure we can continue to live our lives until that vaccine becomes available.