James Heappey MP Weekly Column

The proposal to move Wells's Post Office is attracting lots of attention and emotion. Three years ago we were able to 'save' the Post Office in its current location because we persuaded Post Office to remove a financial advantage for the postmaster to resign at that time. The commnity were delighted by our success but the postmaster was somewhat less pleased becuase his perfectly reasonable plans to downsize his business interests before retirement had been scuppered.

Not many people know the levers we pulled back then - it wasn't fair to broadcast the uncomfortable position that we'd effectively put the postmaster in - but the then Mayor, Gordon Wilson, and I were always clear that it was only a temporary fix and at some point the postmaster would retire irrespective of any financial encouragement not to.

So I'm using this column to thank Kevin Truman for his service to our community. I know he was more than a little frustrated at what happened three years ago and as the debate kicks off again over where the Post Office in Wells will now be, we should all perhaps remember that Kevin has every right to retire and wish him well for the future.

In the meantime, the plan is for the Post Office to move to Spar on Tucker Street. This attracts a mixed response with many people preferring that the Post Office stay in the market square or on the High Street. Over the last year, I know that pretty much every possible business has been approached to host the Post Office and none have wanted it. Similarly, no new operator has been found for the Post Office on its current site. I'm having some meetings this week to discuss alternatives but I'd urge you in the meantime to participate in the consultation and make your views known.