James Heappey MP - Statement on local MIUs

I am clear the community does not wish for any changes to the provision of Minor Injury Units – not just in Burnham-on-Sea but at Glastonbury and Shepton.

I take very seriously my responsibility to represent my community. While the decision will be made by the CCG, I will be doing two things with regards to all three hospitals locally.

  • Confirming whether the Government has any view on these MIUs and whether the MIU service should be changed.
  • Confirming with the CCG whether there is a resource issue relating to the community provision that I can raise with the Government.

My view is the MIUs are a highly important service for our community, particularly one which has a large seasonal population. I will be working with the excellent Friends groups of all three hospitals to make sure the arguments against this proposal are heard and understood by the local NHS.