Investing In Infrastructure

James knows the importance of having the right infrastructure plans in place for Somerset and has worked to ensure projects such as Hinkley Point C have been held to account properly, provided jobs for local people and he has protected the traffic woes it may have brought to the Wells constituency. 

By being constantly updated on the progress of the project, James has wanted to help Somerset reap the benefits of the £20billion project. 

Another of James' priorities is to continue to improve broadband and 4G phone signal. The plan is now to move forward and work hard to ensure there is 100 per cent coverage throughout the patch - to continue the good work of the improvements already made across this rural area. Everyone deserves to  be able to get online quickly  and effectively - alongside excellent phone signal no matter where they may be travelling. 

Since James has been the Member of Parliament there has been £10million invested to repair roads in Somerset. Pot holes are often the subject of correspondence and more than £2million was allocated to Somerset County Council (the biggest share of a nationwide allocation) to fix the roads which needed attention. 

Looking ahead, there are big plans for James to move forward and push for improvements to the A38, A361, A303 and the M5 to give Somerset the ease to travel - and cut down on congestion and time on the road.