Championing Our Communuity

James knows just how important the community is in Somerset - and has had the pleasure of meeting businesses, community groups, visiting schools and hospitals throughout the patch.

Local growth

James' absolute priority is the improvement of the A39/A361 at Ashcott, Walton and Glastonbury.

Rural Fair Share

Funding for local government and public services in rural areas has been squeezed hard. Where those reductions have been at the same pace as in cities, the funding challenge is difficult but at least it is known that the deal is fair.

Mental Health

For too long mental health issues have been side lined in society and it is important that this is changed. 

Mendip Expressway

A bypass is needed at Ashcott and Walton to expedite traffic on A39 from M5/J23 into Glastonbury, Street, Shepton and Wells.

Campaigning On Climate Change

James has championed the need to tackle climate change and chairs the cross-party group promoting renewable and sustainable energy As one of the biggest threats to our planet, it is important climate change is tackled - and that starts with the Government.

Supporting Our Schools

Somerset had been left behind on school funding for far too long and since 2015, James has won a record amount of funding for schools in the area - but this is just the beginning.

Better Broadband

For most businesses - and for many residential users too - broadband speeds and poor mobile signals are a constant frustration.  Whilst competitors elsewhere in the country can upload documents, live stream or operate through large online databases, we spend hours each week staring at a screen telling us to wait or that service has dipped out altogether.  In a global economy where every second counts, Somerset is being held back.